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About Holi-Med clinic.holistic medicine Dublin

Holi-Med is a Holistic Medicine Practice that was set in Dublin in November 2012 as a partner of Lalima Diamond–Med and Institute of Natural Medicine in Cracov in Poland.

The pride of Institute of Natural Medicine in Cracov is seeing the clients from all over Poland and beyond with their particular expertise for treating chronic Lyme Diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and many other conditions often considered “untreatable” or “unexplained” by official medicine.


Holi-Med in Dublin is going to contribute to this pride by continuing and developing their research and practice here in Ireland.


Holi-Med uniqueness is the providing long lasting effect of health, youth, strong immunity, beauty, revitalized mind, body and spirit.


In our clinic you are not “patient” which word has very negative passive meaning. Here you are an individual actively involved in how to take control of your physical, emotional and spiritual health..


Educational part is our strength that directs you on the path of well being so you do not need to come back to us every so often as usually people do when visit official medicine practitioners.


 As your therapist in Holi-Med Grazyna Chyla-Kaczmarek is Holistic Dietician and natural health passionate there is very strong emphasis put on the individual diet consultations. You will find here a good deal of information from very broad alternative health sources, explore ancient knowledge and the latest discoveries from all over the world. Particular exploration of medical doctors who use food, nature and physics as their main prescription drugs. You will find life cases from Cracov and Dublin clinic, many links to health websites, books worth to read, delicious and healthy recipes and natural products worth using.


Thank you for taking time to visit our website. Here you will also find answers to some of your questions. We are hoping this website will give you a better sense of how our diagnostic and therapies work and how it is worth to make an effort to get active regarding your own and your family health.