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Rhumatoid arthritis therapy Krakow

Bozena (43 years old) came for EAV scan in August 2011. For last three years she suffered from very strong pains in joints, dizziness, memory problems, problems with balance and with writing. She was on a medical treatement – steroids. She came for EAV scan with her daughter because she was very weak. She was using a stick.

Medical Diagnosis: Rhumatoid Arthritis


EAV scan showed following loads and imbalances:

  • Infectious foci in 4 main organs Lungs, heart, liver and spleen
  • Alergies
  • autoalergy
  • autoimmunitas
  • borrelia
  • chlamydia
  • joint degeneration
  • acidosis
  • Toxins: bacterial, microorganisms, streptococcus
  • Viruses: herpesvirus, parvovirus
  • Parasites – flukes
  • Gluten enteropathy, Gluten and gliadin load
  • Emotional Load and stress
  • Chemical load: DDT, dibenzofurans, dioxins
  • abnormalities in central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system, brain meninges.
  • Metabolic disorders (sugars and proteins)
  • hormonal disorders (pituitary gland, thyroid, adrenal glands)



  • Holographic info-media pendant
  • Immune system stimulation in our centre in Krakow (six sessions and EAV control scan)
  • Individual diet modification


Therapy results:

After 6 weeks all symptoms and abnormalities sterted to recede.

  • Our client does not use her stick anymore and under her medical doctor supervision she stopped using nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs she was on when started treatement.
  • She doesn't have pains in joints and spine anymore or problems with balance
  • Her memory and concentration has improved
  • she does not have problems with writings
  • In general she feels a way better and has a way more energy.