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Holography and Information Medicine

The technique of holography can be used to optically store, retrieve, and process information. The idea of information medicine is to tune the body by giving the information it needs to heal itself and function properly.

The therapeutic tools that we use are programmed high spectral frequencies crystals and info media that contain interference pattern of pathogenes, toxins and properly functionning systems, organs and tissues. Through the meridians Ren Mo - the „conception vessel” and Du Mo - the „governor vessel” our brain is able to read programmed information and work according to this information (gets rid of toxic load, destroys bacterias, sets healthy energy frequencies for organs and tissues). It is like a software for a computer where our brain is a very advanced computer and info media is like a CD-ROM for this computer. It can be programmed to individual needs according to what EAV test had shown.

The living matrix of energy that is within and around the body carries an extensive amount of information that can be assessed and communicated with using frequencies to balance the natural energies of the body, ultimately re-educating the body to heal itself with information. Reducing energetic stress upon the body improves overall performance of the human system.

„This energy floats around in our organism and all the information that this energy is carrying are received and passed farther by all the organs and all the cells of our bodies” - Prof. Gary Schwartz University of Arizona.


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