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About Our Therapies lyme disease treatment Dublin

In our therapies ancient knowledge meets with modern technology.

Our therapies help to bring back natural homeostasis of human body.
By removing the roots of a disease - bacterias, viruses, parasites and the resulting toxic load as well as strengthening the immune system we prevent health problems such as:

  •  immune system disorders
  •  allergies
  •  asthma
  •  infertility
  •  eczema
  •  gluten enteropathy
  •  lyme disease (Borrelia)
  •  fibromyalgia
  •  bacterial and viral infections
  •  hormonal disorders
  •  psychiatric conditions
  •  asperger syndrome and autism
  •  candida
  •  depression
  •  rheumatoid arthritis
  •  multiple sclerosis
  •  diabetics
  •  chronic and undefined pains

Our complex and non-invasive holographic media, individualy programed high spectral frequencies crystals and bio-resonance therapies are one of the most modern „cutting-edge” world achievement and knowledge. In Western Europe electrodermal EAV Voll’s scan is used by 30.000 doctors. In Germany the test is covered by insurance from 1984, if the academic medicine methods do not give positive results.

We have unique practical experience and outstanding results with modern diseases based on the most recent studies and scientific research in the world of physics, neuroscience, microbiology and nutrition. Holi-Med therapy effectively removes the roots of diseases, also those regarded as „non-treatable” according to the academic medicine. Each therapy is individual and depend on the load that EAV scan shows. It may include:


01 Bio-resonance therapy (BRT)

We use information media that work through autonomic nervous system.

We use homeostasis stimulators to remove detected loads and bring back natural state of homeostasis.

Both of the above are among the most modern achievements of physics in medicine.


02 Dr Jonas method

We use MD Jonas method that has its background in the idea that many modern diseases have their roots in toxic load coming from hidden infections in the organism.We detoxify the body from all foreign substances, bacteria, viruses, parasites and bring back homeostasis and strengthen the immune system.


03 We use traditional Chinese Medicine and the Indian Ayurveda and their thousands years of experience and achievements combined with the most modern physics.


04 Holistic approach – we approach patients in a holistic way, by dealing with the whole person – treating and influencing client's physical state, energetic state, emotional state, state of mind and state of spirit.


05 Holistic Diet and Nutrition

We propose healthy and balanced diet according to individual needs of our clients.

Standard therapy takes from 2 to 10 sessions depending on patient’s condition.
We do not use drugs.


We are not medical doctors. In case of any serious medical condition it is advised to contact your doctor along with the therapy. With improvement in your health, your doctor may find necessary to adjust your medicine or other medical treatement. You should not experiment with your medicine dosage yourself – always contact your doctor.

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